A fully customisable survey designed for children

By Brian Cooper | 01 July 2019
A fully customisable survey designed for children

Project Brief

We worked with one of the leading suppliers of audiobooks to create a bespoke survey aimed at parents with children aged between 3-11 years old.


The child-friendly page mockup was created in 24 hours and the final working design was implemented in 48 hours.

What made this project different?

Have you ever wondered how different designs of questions in a survey might improve respondents’ attention and their quality of response?

When our clients come to us with a brief, we always look at the project with an expert eye to see if there’s any room for improvement.

For this project, the client decided to change the brief to make the questions aimed at children more “child-friendly” based on our recommendations.

We designed an entirely bespoke survey whereby the design of each individual question could be changed. Therefore children aged 3-6 saw a different design to children aged 7-11 and the adult’s section, again, looked completely different.

We made it possible to change the buttons, button size, colours, background images and more. This allowed us to create an engaging survey design for each age group.

Creating a survey design with this level of customisation would be impossible if it weren’t for our in-house software, Warp.

Warp allows us to be really flexible and innovative in the way that we work - if we can’t do it today, we can build it tomorrow!

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