BLOG: Why rewarding staff matters to me

By Brian Cooper | 27 March 2023
BLOG: Why rewarding staff matters to me

When I started Omnisis back in 2002, I was really clear that I wanted to do things differently.

My underlying principles have always been to hire brilliant people and trust them to get the job done without micromanagement (because no-one wants that!) and with as little bureaucracy as possible.

In essence, I wanted to remove barriers and give people the space and freedom to work in the way that best suits them.

But life can sometimes do its best to throw a spanner in the works and derail even the best laid plans. Enter - the cost of living crisis.

The sickening rise in energy prices and the knock-on effect that has had on food, products and services, means everyone is feeling the pinch in one way or another.

I know how this creates stress - indeed our own public opinion polling work shows inflation, poverty and the economy are among the big five concerns of the British public week after week. 

As employers, I think we have a duty to do what we can to support our people as best we can.

Whilst economics dictates the extent to which we can help, I’m a big believer in meaningful reward which is why I have included a cost of living pay raise to all the brilliant Omnisis staff to help out during these challenging times.

I’m so proud of this team and the growth we’ve achieved over the last few years. The way we work makes us one of the most flexible, knowledgeable and rapid market research teams out there.

I want to keep it that way whilst recognising and rewarding staff for their brilliant performance and dedication to delivering what our clients need, when they need it. It’s no easy feat.

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