Client case study: Creating a beautifully intuitive diary project

By Hannah McCreesh | 19 August 2022
Client case study: Creating a beautifully intuitive diary project

Project Brief

We worked with a fieldwork market research agency to develop a bespoke functionality to allow respondents to fill in multiple surveys within a central landing page. We call it the "diary project".

How was this project different?

The client needed to be able to ask respondents to take part in multiple surveys that belonged to the same overall project to understand respondents' feelings at different stages in the research lifecycle.

The surveys needed to be accessed via one, primary link rather than through separate links for each individual survey. To do this we developed a custom landing page that clearly showed the respondents which survey they needed to complete by greying out the inactive surveys.

In this particular project, we had four different surveys that we asked respondents to complete. The first was an introduction survey, followed by a task survey where they were asked to buy a sofa from a test website. After they checked out, they then took a purchase survey. Lastly, they were asked to call a mock customer service agent and take part in a customer satisfaction survey after a call.

Asking respondents to carry out multiple surveys within a project can be clunky and difficult. When we created this feature, we did it intuitively - with beautiful design and user-friendliness at the forefront of our minds.

We also designed it to be able to pull in answers from previous surveys to aid the respondents. For example, we could ask them “On Monday, you said you would buy this type of sofa. Has your opinion changed?”

For comprehensive surveys like this, there is a lot of testing and refinement involved from our team to make sure the surveys run as seamlessly as possible Despite this, we were able to take the project from idea to fruition and develop custom functionalities in order for us to do so in just a few days.

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