Client case study: How can we keep high-level medical staff engaged?

By Hannah McCreesh | 10 December 2021
Client case study: How can we keep high-level medical staff engaged?

Project Brief

We worked with a medical care research company to make their surveys as engaging as possible for high-level medical staff.


We gave the client a quote for the project the same day and sent them the initial survey draft within days.

How was the project different?

Many market research agencies design surveys with simplicity in mind. And whilst keeping it simple can be a good thing, when they’re too simplistic, they’re not very engaging.

For this survey, we needed to ask doctors and consultants for details about the treatments that they use for patients who have HIV. Therefore we were not only dealing with highly intelligent survey respondents but a sensitive topic as well.

The survey needed to reflect this whilst ensuring that the design was sleek, professional and engaging for respondents. To do this, we changed the look and feel throughout the entire survey. For example, the colour scheme gradually changed from grey to blue and green and pink.

When they entered a new section, the screen would read welcome to levels 1, 2, 3 etc to make it more engaging - gamifying the survey but in a more sophisticated way to suit the audience.

We also introduced avatars. We asked the respondents to pick an avatar and the character they chose would point at survey questions and wave at them, so it felt more interactive and fun.

Even small changes like this improve the respondent experience, making them much more likely to stick with the survey from start - finish.

This is just one example of how we have come up with custom solutions and approached a brief with creativity and enthusiasm to ensure we do the best job possible for all of our clients.

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