What our clients say about us...

By Mike Underwood | 01 July 2023
What our clients say about us...


Omnisis are always our first stop for online research. They are great to work with, turn things around quickly and takes the stress out of fieldwork. The team treats each project like it belongs to them and we work with the same project manager from start to end, so we’re not passed from one department to another. This makes a BIG difference, especially when you have tight turnarounds.

Omnisis work with you as a partner so we’re able to meet and exceed client expectations. They often pull out all the stops to meet tough deadlines on complex projects. For example, they have scripted a survey on day one, sent it live by day two and had the data back on day three. An epic team!



Omnisis are an absolute joy to partner with. The friendly team consistently deliver professional, high-quality work that they genuinely care about. Somehow, they regularly manage to surpass our already high expectations, never letting us down no matter how difficult the ask.

Omnisis have taken on challenging data sets we’ve inherited to help us deliver excellent value to clients, committed to timelines that allowed us to offer in-depth insight in record-breaking time when clients have been up against fixed deadlines, such as sports rights negotiations or product launches, and delivered sample that other suppliers have been unable to source, making the difference between a project being feasible or not.

As a small business with our names above the door, having a partner we can absolutely rely on is invaluable, and it’s the cherry on top that Brian and the team are so lovely to work with.




Omnisis are responsive, accurate and competitively priced – a rare combination. We have a professional but relaxed relationship and it feels like we’re working with an in-house team.

On recent projects we’ve really valued the team’s opinions on a range of research issues, such as how we might tackle niche sample targets in tricky markets, how we can better incentivise response rates or append data from external databases.

Omnisis does the basics so well - reliable and always able to deliver on promises – which means there are never any problems to solve. The 'big impact' for us is that working with Omnisis makes our lives so much easier. We can hand over the operations and fieldwork elements with full trust and confidence. One of our team said: “They do such a good job that we can usually forget about the project for a few days, which is nice!”


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