Coronavirus update - March 2020

By Brian Cooper | 13 March 2020
Coronavirus update - March 2020

Coronavirus is absolutely dominating the news right now and regardless of your personal views on the topic, what can’t be denied is the profound effect it is having on countries and businesses around the globe.

In light of everything that’s going on, we wanted to write a quick blog just to address any concerns that you may have and summarise our thoughts on the effect it will have on us and the way that we work.

It’s business as usual for us here at Omnisis

One of the great benefits of working in a digital agency is that we have designed our business processes to be able to run both entirely remotely and independently.

For example, even in the case that every single member of our team had to self-isolate and work from home, we would still be able to run as usual with no disruptions to our service.

Clients can be assured that no matter how disrupted things get out there in the world, we will continue to run as normal.

If you have any questions about anything, you’re welcome to reach out to us anytime by calling +44[0]844 974 5010 or email us at

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