Innovative thinking required for complex trainer survey

By Brian Cooper | 06 June 2019
Innovative thinking required for complex trainer survey

Project Brief

We worked with a world-leading sportswear brand who needed a bespoke, complex and in-depth survey to help them develop variations on 576 different trainer options.

The survey was aimed at anyone who had spent £40-150 on their last pair of trainers


Despite the complexity of the study, we had the pilot study ready to go within 5 days of the initial brief.

What made this project different?

The client wanted to know what the respondent’s first choice of shoe was out of a pool of options and crucially, how they would respond if their first choice was out of stock. Using advanced analytics, we ensured the same numbers of each different design of trainers were shown.

Through advanced scripting and coding from our senior team, we tested 12 different task set-up scenarios with an incredible amount of scenario variation in the survey and in each different scenario, the respondents saw 24 shoes based on gender and spend.

The survey was designed to look like an exact replica of the client’s website. They wanted to test different prices, different descriptions, showing the out of stock message, showing the price vs not showing the price. The products were also shown in grayscale to avoid colour bias.

The survey was tested in 5 markets and languages and is a real testament to both our software Warp and the hard work of our senior team - no matter the complexity of the survey at hand, if we can’t do it today we can build it tomorrow!

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