Introducing 24 days of Christmas joy to tackle December-driven anxiety

By Hannah McCreesh | 01 December 2020
Introducing 24 days of Christmas joy to tackle December-driven anxiety

Though some might say December 1st is too early to get into the Christmas spirit, we would be inclined to disagree.

That’s exactly why we have just released our festive survey advent calendar, running every day until December 24th.

But the Omnisis Advent Calendar is about more than just testing your Christmas knowledge, having fun and sharing your results with your friends.

2020 has been an extremely difficult year for market researchers everywhere and we wanted to develop something that could offer 5 minutes of enjoyment and escapism from the busy stresses of everyday life.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director at Omnisis said “As a market research agency, it’s all too easy to get snowed under with client work - especially at this time of year. But the team and I were thinking - when was the last time we took on a project purely for fun?

We’ve been working hard on this Christmas project over the past few weeks - which in true Omnisis form is beautifully branded and reflects just some of the complexities of the kinds of surveys we can produce.

However, it’s about more than that. 2020 has been one hell of a year and December, at the best of times, is a stressful month.

We’re only a small agency, but we wanted to do a little something to give back. And that little something is 5 minutes of fun and respite from peoples’ daily lives with our fun, interactive Christmas quiz.

We hope you have just as much fun completing it as we did making it - and that it helps, in some small way, to put a smile on your face and reduce your anxiety this December.”

So bookmark the page and join us as we celebrate December with a smile.

Complete Day 1 of the Omnisis Christmas Advent Calendar.

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