Latest software updates for greater efficiency

By Hannah McCreesh | 15 February 2022
Latest software updates for greater efficiency

We've been working hard over the past few months to make some updates to our in-house survey software, Warp. We wanted to make things even more efficient for both our team and for our clients and we’re super excited about these changes.

Our new translation process

We work with many clients who do international projects, which means that we need to translate surveys into many different languages. Before, our process would require us to create the initial survey master file in English, which we would then send to our translators to work on.

Once they were done, we would have 1 file for every language, which we would have to create as a separate “new” sub-project in Warp. This means that any survey changes would have to be updated in each separate language file.

Now, the process is much more streamlined and efficient. All languages are documented in one singular file, with the master sheet in English and just a separate sheet for all languages. Not only does this make it quicker and easier for our translation partners, but it also means that the survey data is far more consistent and easier to export.

It also means that it’s easier to make changes to the survey, add, modify and remove questions and analyse the data.

New and improved data formatting

We’ve always used Merlin for our tabulations, but recently we have changed the format of the data files we use for greater survey freedom and flexibility.

Merlin has introduced a new feature whereby instead of reading data in columns of data, it can handle csv files as a data input reference. For example, the column header label could be called Q1, rather than the column of data.

Now, we can make multiple changes to a questionnaire, but as long as we keep the question numbers consistent there is no need to rejig our tables set up for existing questions. This is particularly important for tracker surveys because as time goes on, things within the survey are likely to change.

Now if we want to make changes as we go along, it’s a simple and time-efficient process. More importantly, it makes programming the tables easier and allows for greater consistency.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and speed and we’re excited about the improvements these changes will make to our service.

Remember that if you need us to cost and turn around a survey in a number of hours, our fixed-cost service model and senior team can make this happen - all you have to do is ask.

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