New feature release! Innovative watermarking system launched to stop the misuse of confidential images

By Hannah McCreesh | 05 February 2021
 New feature release! Innovative watermarking system launched to stop the misuse of confidential images

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new watermarking system which has been developed to help our clients ensure that their survey content remains confidential. 

Often clients have commercially sensitive data that they want to show to survey respondents for their thoughts and feedback.

However, one of the biggest issues we face as an industry is trusting panel participants not to share that data externally - even when they’ve signed a confidentiality agreement in their terms and conditions. 

Issues like panel participants screenshotting an image, right-click and saving the image or taking a photo of the image have always posed a threat, and although we can block the right-click functionality, it’s still difficult for us to ‘police’ this kind of behaviour.

That’s where our new survey feature comes in.

Our watermarking system cleverly watermarks all sensitive images (or all images - anything is possible!) with the panel participants ID. 

watermarked coffee cup

If the participant tries to save the image, or share it online, it will have a code that’s unique to them on it, therefore making it easy to track who has shared the image publicly and who has broken the terms of the survey. 

This means that panel participants should be less likely to misuse survey images and share them in the public domain knowing how easily they can be caught out.

The development of this new function highlights just how beneficial it is that we have our own in-built survey software, Warp. 

When a member of our team has a great idea, or we receive feedback from a client, we can build new processes immediately to improve survey functionality and make our clients lives easier. 

After all, that’s what we’re here for. 

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