New Omnisis software deletes the drama from data entry

By Mike Underwood | 06 February 2023
New Omnisis software deletes the drama from data entry

Like apples and pears, the sickening thud of a tower of paper surveys being slammed on to a desk goes hand-in-hand with the crestfallen groan of the data entry team.

So to make life easier (and reduce the groan factor at Omnisis Towers), our technical boffins created a data entry module for our in-house survey software, Warp.

Creating a web-based survey and data entry tool in one neat package is a time-saver and, because of Warp’s slick user interface, an easy-to-navigate process.

“Let’s face it - data entry isn’t the greatest job in the world,” explains Chris Stacey, Head of Operations at Omnisis. “But it is a vital component of our work and the key for us was finding a way to make the process smoother by creating a quicker method for our team and our clients.”

Warp is the bespoke software built by Omnisis to conduct lightning-fast surveys and market research for our clients. Now, the new module has modernised our way of doing data entry and added to the growing functionality and power of Warp.

“It’s the latest evolution of Warp,” Chris said. “We’ve created a web-based surveying and data entry tool under one roof. Because it is built in Warp, the user interface is extremely simple to navigate and looks fantastic.

“It also means all of our clients’ data can be stored in one system so they can see, in real time, what the data is saying as it is gathered or input.”

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