New warp tool means clients can design perfect paragraphs

By Mike Underwood | 30 March 2023
New warp tool means clients can design perfect paragraphs

Omnisis has added another new feature to its unique survey software which enables users to visually highlight areas of text and leave comments to help clients create perfect prose.

The new text highlight feature is part of Warp, the in-house survey platform developed by Omnisis, and gives clients a new level of customer insight when it comes to the language they use.

Users can highlight a piece of text then ‘paint’ it green (positive) or red (negative) depending on how the words made them feel. They can then leave notes and feedback on the highlighted areas.

Clients can then use this feedback to adjust and improve the language they use in everything from attractive marketing materials to crystal clear product instructions.

Brian Cooper, founder and Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “We’re really excited to offer this latest feature for our clients.

“We already had a tool which allowed users to select individual words but we’ve expanded that capability so entire paragraphs, like you highlight when copy and pasting from a document or a webpage, can be included and commented on.

“It’s another string to the bow of Warp as we continue to develop and evolve our software to better meet the needs of our clients.”

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