Staff Spotlight: Get to know our Software Developer, Dylan

By Hannah McCreesh | 06 July 2022
Staff Spotlight: Get to know our Software Developer, Dylan

This month in the spotlight we are getting to know Dylan, who joined us last year in a Software Developer role.

Q1. What brought you into the world of market research?

After completing a course in Game Development at college, my first job was working at a web development agency. It gave me a taste of developing in a few different industries, which was useful when I came to look for a new job.

I spent a bit of time searching for a job that felt like it might be right for me and that job was here at Omnisis! I think market research is such an interesting field and I was really excited by the opportunity

Q2. If you were stuck on a desert island and you could bring three people to join you, dead or alive, real or fictitious, who would you pick?

Well, my first pick would have to be my girlfriend, Charlie. Then I would probably pick my favourite author, Terry Pratchett. I’d love to have long talks with him about his books.

And finally, former footballer Lucas Radebe. As a child I loved watching him play, it would be great to just have a kick about with him on the island..

Q3. Describe your ideal weekend

I think my ideal weekend would probably be taking my girlfriend and our dogs to Iceland and staying in a small house/cabin in the middle of the countryside.

Just being completely off the grid for the weekend with some snowy hills in the distance sounds ideal to me.

Q4. Favourite film, book and podcast?

My favourite film is ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ and in my opinion, that is the best one in the series!

My favourite book would be any of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. I absolutely love the world he created in those books. If I had to choose just one from the series though I would say ‘Mort’.

And my favourite podcast is one I have recently been listening to called “Ship hits the fan” - it’s a podcast about shipping disasters throughout history and it's absolutely fascinating.

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