Staff Spotlight: Meet our Marketing Manager, Hannah

By Brian Cooper | 23 June 2020
Staff Spotlight: Meet our Marketing Manager, Hannah

We love that we’re a small, close-knit team here at Omnisis but we decided it was time that you got to know each of us a little bit better.

Each month, we’ll be featuring a member of staff in our new “Staff Spotlight” feature.

This month we’re introducing Hannah, our Marketing Manager who joined us in March 2019 and has been heading up our copywriting, social media and PR efforts ever since.

She works from home in Sheffield where she lives with her fluffy, grumpy cat Frankie.

What brought you into the world of market research?

A tweet from Brian asking for PR/marketing help!

Just by chance, I had been looking for work on Twitter and I came across Brian’s tweet looking for someone to help with Omnisis’s PR and marketing efforts.

I remember Brian describing (with love!) the team as basically being a bunch of tech-geeks who needed someone creative with a marketing background and brain to steer them in the right direction.

Luckily, he felt I was the right person for the job and the rest is history really.

Prior to joining Omnisis I worked a PR agency, the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, a national disability charity and a tech start-up so I’ve had quite a broad range of experience in different sectors.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with a new industry and learning more about market research as I go along.

I think my favourite piece of work so far has been researching some of the brilliant women in the industry and writing a piece on them for International Women’s Day.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could bring three people to join you, dead or alive, real or fictitious, who would you pick

Firstly I’d bring my best friend Paul as he’s the one person who can make me laugh, regardless of how dire the situation is.

Then I’d bring Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones because let’s be honest, he looks great fun to be around and just imagine the stories he could tell … you’d never get bored of listening to them and I’d desperately need some camp-side entertainment!

And lastly, I’d bring Bear Grylls because he knows a thing or two about survival and I wouldn’t last two minutes despite having watched most of his shows (and we’d need someone to light the fire after all).

Describe your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend starts (always) with a lie-in. I need to catch up on sleep at the weekend else I go a bit crazy - not sure how I’m going to cope if I have kids but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

Then I’ll likely head to my favourite local coffee shop and let the afternoon roll by with a book, a mocha and some sort of doughnut/croissant/muffin hybrid - you know what these hipster coffee shops are like!

Then in the evening I’d meet a friend for dinner or to go out for drinks, maybe both, then on Sunday, more coffee before spending the day relaxing and go for a nice walk in the Peak District.

Favourite film, book and podcast?

My favourite film is Anchorman, Will Ferell absolutely kills me. My favourite book is called Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. I first read it when I was in secondary school it’s a stunningly beautiful story and it still makes me cry when I read it, even though I know the ending all too well by now.

My favourite podcast is a true-crime podcast called Criminal. Every episode they follow the story of a different crime (both violent and non-violent crimes) and some of the stories are absolutely fascinating - I’d highly recommend it.

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