Staff Spotlight: Meet our Operational Strategist, Mike

By Hannah McCreesh | 31 December 2020
Staff Spotlight: Meet our Operational Strategist, Mike

This month in the spotlight is Mike Gray, our Operational Strategist who joined us earlier this year

What brought you into the world of market research?

Like with most people, I came into the world of market research by accident!

I was looking for a graduate job and went to NOP World’s site looking to sign up as a mystery shopper for some extra income.

Whilst I was there, I saw that they had a graduate scheme. I thought it sounded interesting and I had a relevant degree in Psychology so I applied!

I moved into operations shortly after joining my previous company and have now been working in the industry for well over ten years

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could bring three people to join you, dead or alive, real or fictitious, who would you pick? 

If we exclude my wife and daughter, then definitely my dad. I lost him when I was young and I would love to get to know him as an adult.

I’d like a musician for entertainment - Frank Turner never seems to get bored of playing shows.

And lastly, someone to cook –  whoever is the Head Chef at Hawksmoor, my favourite steak house in Manchester

Describe your ideal weekend?

In my spare time, I really like taking photos at live music events.

On Saturday, I’d start with a long walk and a podcast, then have some family time in the afternoon with my wife and daughter.

In the evening, I’d head out to shoot a show.

On Sunday, we’d all go to the cinema or out for the day and then home for a good Sunday roast

Favourite film, book and podcast? 

I’m a big fan of podcasts which tend to fall into three particular groups – factual podcasts like This American Life, Freakonomics and All The President’s Lawyers which give a different perspective on the events of the day.

Tech podcasts like This Week in Tech. And lastly, entertainment podcasts like Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review, Word in Your Ear and Song Exploder.

Song Exploder is fascinating – it breaks down songs that you’ve heard a million times with the writer and you always end up hearing something new in it each time you listen.

I don’t think I have one favourite book, but I’m currently reading Best of Me by David Sedaris which is a compilation of his best work, so I’m going to nominate that.

And lastly, my favourite film is Back To The Future. I have fond memories of seeing it with my dad at the cinema, and I think it’s held up surprisingly well throughout the years.

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