Taking powerful face-to-face research & making it digital

By Hannah McCreesh | 07 July 2020
Taking powerful face-to-face research & making it digital

Project Brief

We worked with predominantly qualitative market research agency One Minute to Midnight to turn a pivotal element of their face to face research into a fun, engaging, online game.


The custom prototype was developed and sent to the client within 3 days.

How was the project different?

One Minute To Midnight's focus is going deep and understanding the motivations that underpin peoples' lives.

Back in 2016, they adapted the world’s leading human values model into a game to use within commercial insight and they’ve been using it successfully ever since.

The game consists of ten simple cards. Each card has a statement, imagery and crucially, it represents a human value. Participants have chips that they can ‘spend’ on their top values.

The agency typically play the values game in face-to-face interviews and focus groups as it takes them deep into what’s important and they do it quickly, they then give a framework and language to use throughout the rest of the session.

Having physical cards is a really key part of this as participants enjoy the fun, interactive element of a game and they are also a physical reminder to use the framework and language throughout the interview.

With the emergence of Covid-19 and the difficulties it has brought to our sector, the agency wanted a way to bring the Values game online in an interactive, engaging way.

One Minute To Midnight were already using the values cards online but in a basic PDF format that they would ask participants to fill out. However, they wanted us to recreate the game in an interactive way whilst still maintaining the look, feel and personality of their brand.

Personality and company voice are two things that are very important to One Minute To Midnight, so it was crucial that we were able to embody these in the design of the survey.

We set about the task by turning the value cards into an online game. By making the values cards into a game, we turned what would have been a traditional survey into something much more exciting for panel participants to complete than a simple, dry PDF document sent via email.

The agency specified that they wanted the ten physical cards turned into well-designed, interactive cards that could be dragged and dropped but also turned over and reviewed. It was important that the online version kept the key principles of what makes the physical cards work so well.

Karis O’Leary Smith, Research Manager at One Minute To Midnight said: “Given the current situation we wanted to take our Values Game online and knew that Omnisis could help us do this and create an online version just as powerful and engaging as the physical version.

“Not only have Omnisis created a version that is technically top-quality, but they have kept the spirit of the game and our agency alive in the design too.”

Crucially, we were able to design a survey that not only was beautifully responsive and fully branded in an extremely short timeframe but something that surpassed the original brief and expectations of the client too.

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