Unlocking an innovative online approach to shelf testing

By Hannah McCreesh | 10 November 2020
Unlocking an innovative online approach to shelf testing

Project Brief

At the start of this year, we worked with a leading market research agency who specialise in packaging and branding research.

They came to us to help them innovate and unlock their online approach to shelf testing.

They needed an agency who would help them to expand their own capabilities for their clients and make them stand out against their competitors. 


The custom prototype was sent to the client within a week.

How was this project different?

The agency we worked with wanted us to be able to randomise the position of products across the shelf, ensuring a number of exercises could be run within a survey, without the need for costlier sample solutions.

Traditionally, shelf testing relies on static images of the shelf, whereas our client wanted to create a dynamic shelf that would avoid position bias whilst also enabling them to collect competitor benchmarks.

We did a lot of work and custom scripting behind the scenes to make such a dynamic shelf happen.

The close partnership with the agency and successful implementation of the brief meant we were trusted to deliver a solution beyond the initial request, with increased degrees of complexity.

In fact, having successfully implemented the first shelf test, we were asked to develop additional elements such as blurring, or more advanced groupings of products in the shelf randomisation.

Again, these were specific, custom functionalities that may have been too challenging for other agencies. However, we were easily able to build them thanks to our custom survey software, Warp.

Client quote: “We were really impressed with Omnisis’s “can-do” attitude and with how quickly they were able to turnaround the project.

"Within a week they sent us a functional demo which showed that they have the capabilities and attitude to make it happen. We valued how willing and open the team were to new ideas.

"As a result, Omnisis have become a key partner for us.”

Developing this specific set of functionalities has allowed our client to offer their clients a unique approach to shelf testing.

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