Warp evolves to include translation feature

By Mike Underwood | 28 March 2023
Warp evolves to include translation feature

Omnisis has launched a new translation function as part of its unique Warp surveying software to better serve its growing stable of global clients.

The UK-based agency’s in-house development team has been working on creating the new feature to support the global reach of its work, especially markets that have multiple languages in the same country.

Users can now select the language they want to use to complete surveys on the agency’s platform. Previously, users had to select a link which would direct them to a specific language without the option to change.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “Warp is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients and this latest feature is part of its ongoing development.

“The greatest benefit of owning our own survey platform is that we can update and adapt it whenever we need to so we can ensure the brilliant people we work with get the best possible experience.

“I took the decision a long time ago to employ in-house developers exactly for the purpose of helping keep Warp contemporary and effective, especially when it comes to speed and flexibility. It’s another great piece of work by the team.”

Brian founded Omnisis in 2002 and the agency has grown, especially during the pandemic, to include nearly 20 members of staff based throughout the country.

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