When we say Warp speed, we mean it

By Mike Underwood | 03 July 2023
When we say Warp speed, we mean it

For people who’ve worked with our market research magicians, you’ll know it isn’t unusual for the Omnisis team to pull rabbits out of the hat at lightning speed. 

But there’s no sleight of hand or misdirection involved with these survey sorcerers. No sir. 

We were recently called in to support Ninth Seat, one of our amazing clients, with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it deadline for a global survey, taking in 1,200 interviews across the UK, United States and Germany.

Here’s how it happened:


  • 9.15am – job request received at Omnisis Towers. We accepted.
  • 11.15am – client sent questionnaire to our team. Team processes questionnaire into online survey. This included a max diff question comparing different images.
  • 1pm - client sent a link to test the survey.
  • 3pm - client had amendments to make to survey. Team addresses changes immediately and resends link.
  • 4.45pm – client fully signed off on survey and survey link is set live.


  • 10.30am –UK and US results downloaded and sent to client.
  • 1pm – max diff tables sent to client.
  • 4pm - German translation of survey completed.
  • 5.30pm - client signed off German version and survey is set live.


  • 9.45am - German survey results back and sent to client.

In just 48 hours, we were able to step in to help a client deliver a pan-continental survey, from survey build to data returned to the client. Not bad eh?

Don’t just take our word for it though.

“Receiving briefs from clients that require quick turnaround results has been made so much easier with Omnisis. The team is so flexible and works to an incredible speed and reliability, which means we can meet our clients needs when otherwise we wouldn’t be able to,” said Lucy Tartellin of Ninth Seat.

If you’d like to find out how we do it or would like to work with us, please drop us a line at office@omnisis.co.uk or visit www.omnisis.co.uk.


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