83% of people think that the Queen embodies ‘British values’

Hannah McCreesh | 30 May 2022
83% of people think that the Queen embodies ‘British values’

New research has revealed that 83% of people think that the Queen embodies ‘British values’ but despite this, the nation is split on the subject of the monarchy.

There are significant fissures within the UK about the future of the monarchy, an exclusive new poll we undertook in collaboration with Byline Times.

The poll results show that there is a significant body of support in Scotland and Wales for an elected head of state – with 44% of respondents in the former and 43% in the latter supporting the end of the constitutional monarchy. This compares to an England-wide average of 32% who support an elected head of state.

Comparative polling also suggests that respondents may have been influenced by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which is being celebrated this week.

Back in February, Omnisis asked respondents whether they supported the presence of a monarchy in Britain, with 47% of Scottish and 48% of Welsh respondents saying that they did not.

However, it doesn’t appear as though Boris Johnson can count on a bounce in support thanks to the Jubilee.

This week’s poll suggests that, while 83% of people think that the Queen embodies ‘British values’, only 31% of people think the same about the current Prime Minister. Strikingly, among the 55-to-64 age bracket – typically a reliable constituency of support for the Conservatives – only 22% of people believe that Johnson embodies British values.

Even 32% of people who intend to vote for the Conservatives at the next general election believe that Boris Johnson – who was found to have broken the law during the ‘Partygate’ saga – does not embody British values.

Read the full results here.

The online poll was conducted for Byline Times by Omnisis between 30th and 31st May 2022.


Image Credit: Mike Garnett, Flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikepaws/


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