Almost one in four people would abolish the monarchy, new poll reveals

Mike Underwood | 05 May 2023
Almost one in four people would abolish the monarchy, new poll reveals

Nearly a quarter of people would abolish the monarchy and one in four view the Royal Family more negatively since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, a new Omnisis poll shows.

Ahead of the King’s Coronation on Saturday, 6th May, we asked if the public should consider changes to the monarchy, with 23% of voters saying it should be abolished completely.

Other possible changes included:

  • 44% said less direct tax should be spent on the Royal Family
  • 37% said the family should be ‘slimmed down’
  • 25% said Prince William should rewild parts of his estate to help the environment.
  • 19% said they don’t need to change. 

The pollsters also asked voters how their view of the Royal Family had changed since the death of the Queen with 25% saying they viewed the Royals more negatively. 

62% said the death of the Queen has not changed their view; 17% said their view was more positive while 5% said they didn’t know.

Tuition fees: ditch them or keep them?

This week, the subject of Sir Keir Starmer’s stance on university tuition fees came under the microscope with the Labour leader seemingly flip-flopping on whether or not to scrap them should he become Prime Minister. 

More than half (53%) of voters agreed that university fees should be free for all, with only 22% disagreeing and 25% were neither, according to our latest poll. 

On the subject of the cost of education, 34% of people agreed that student loans were a fair system compared to 28% who disagreed. 39% neither agreed or disagreed.

We also asked if people agreed or not that student loans should be replaced with a graduate tax. 34% agreed, 18% disagreed and nearly half (47%) were neither.

Voters also weighed in on whether or not some professions should be exempt from student loans.  More than half (53%) agreed nurses should be exempt with 23% disagreeing. 44% of people agreed doctors should be exempt against 29% who disagreed.

It was a slightly tighter battle on the education front, however, with 38% agreeing teachers should be exempt against 30% who disagreed.

Meanwhile, our weekly trackers were fully operational this week and showed:


Labour’s lead over the Conservatives increased to 21 points:

  • Lab 48% (+3)
  • Con 27% (-1)
  • LD 7% (-3)
  • SNP 4% (NC)
  • Ref 6% (NC)
  • Green 6% (NC)


Barely any movement on the PM’s approval:

  • Approve: 34% (NC) 
  • Disapprove: 39% (+1) 
  • Neither: 28% (NC)


  • Sir Keir Starmer: 36% (+1) 
  • Rishi Sunak: 31% (-2) 
  • Don’t Know: 33% (+1)


We recorded a RECORD-BREAKER this week, with the highest-ever polling for the UK to re-join the European Union this week at 63%:

All respondents 

  • Stay Out: 30% (-1) 
  • Re-join: 50% (+2) 

Excluding don’t knows and will not votes

  • Stay Out: 37% (-2) 
  • Re-join: 63% (+2) 

This week’s poll which was conducted on 4th-5th May 2023, questioned 1,355 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

Tables will be posted here:


Image credit: Oxyman / The Royal family via Wikimedia Commons

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