Boris still top of the Tories, according to first-ever ‘Prime Minister of the Year’ poll

Mike Underwood | 23 December 2022
Boris still top of the Tories, according to first-ever ‘Prime Minister of the Year’ poll

Pollsters at Omnisis have revealed who voters rank as the best Prime Minister of 2022 following an unprecedented year of changes at Number 10 Downing Street.

For the first time in history, three different Prime Ministers - Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak - tackled the biggest job in UK politics and Omnisis wanted to find out who voters thought had done the best job.

Despite the stench of ‘Partygate’, the cost of living crisis, the shadow of Covid contracts for party donors and a seeming inability to deal with misbehaving party members, Boris was still top of the Tory tree with 28% of the vote.

Current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who, despite losing out to Liz Truss in the first Conservative leadership race in September, weighed in with 19%.

And in third place was the UK’s shortest-serving PM Liz Truss who, after just 44 days at the helm, picked up just 1% of the vote.

However, the real winner of our poll, was a fourth option, with 46% of voters saying they preferred “none of them”.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “In this unprecedented and chaotic political year, we realised we had a once-in-a-generation chance to ask voters which of our three Prime Ministers was their favourite.

“Despite all of the mud slung his way, Boris Johnson still came out on top in our poll - nine points ahead of the current PM. Given the length of her stay at Number 10, it is perhaps not surprising that Liz Truss only gained one percent of the vote.”

Meanwhile, in the latest voter intention tracker poll by Ominsis, Labour crawled over the half-way mark with 51%, a four-point jump from last week, whilst the Tories lost a point and now sit second on 25%.

The LibDems also lost ground and are now on 7% (down two points), whilst Reform UK held steady on 6%, no change from last week. The Green Party dropped a point and now sit on 5% with the SNP on 4%, one point down on last week.

Brian added: “Although our Prime Minister of the Year poll was just a bit of pre-Christmas fun, since we began our weekly voter intention polling this year there is a very clear sentiment that British voters want change. It will be interesting to see what impact strike action and the cost of living crisis has on voter intention as we move into 2023.”

Full tables can be found here:

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