A fair COP or not? Public has say on UK’s approach to climate change

Brian Cooper | 17 November 2022
A fair COP or not? Public has say on UK’s approach to climate change

An exclusive Omnisis poll on behalf of the Guardian has lifted the lid on what British voters think about the UK’s approach to climate change and the impact of COP27 in Egypt.

Our latest research explored how people felt about the UK’s approach to tackling emissions, leading on the environment and how the country can support the developing world in dealing with the impacts of climate change.

Our poll, conducted week beginning 7th November 2022, revealed:

  • Only 29% of people said they thought COP27 would help speed up action on climate change, with more than half (53%) saying it wouldn’t

  • Of that 29%, younger people were the most optimistic with 50% of 18- to 24-year-olds believing that COP27 would speed up action, trailing off to just 13.5% of people aged 65 and over
  • 49% of people said the UK had a responsibility to fund climate action in poorer nations suffering from climate-related extreme weather disasters. 31% said the UK should bear no responsibility while 20% said they did not know
  • Interestingly, 41% said the UK should continue developing gas and oil energy sources, with 34% saying they should be halted. 24% said they were unsure either way

  • Less than a quarter of people (24%) said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was showing leadership on climate change.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis Ltd, said: “This was an exciting project to work on for the Guardian because we love getting our teeth into meaty topics and important research like this.

“Climate change and the environment are mammoth issues for all of us so it was a privilege for our team to conduct this research and provide some insight into how people are feeling and thinking about the topic.”

Omnisis is made up of a team of market research experts with decades of experience in delivering surveys and data analysis. The team harnesses the power of their in-house survey software Warp, to get stuff done quickly and effectively and deliver the best service for our clients.

The online poll was conducted for The Guardian on 7th November 2022. The poll questioned 1,181 people and is weighted to a nationally representative population.

For the full dataset, visit: https://omnisis.co.uk/poll-results/vi-9-results-11-11-2022-env/

Check out the Guardian article here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/nov/17/uk-pay-climate-action-poor-countries-cop27-poll

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