Majority of voters say key public services should be nationalised, new poll reveals

Mike Underwood | 30 June 2023
Majority of voters say key public services should be nationalised, new poll reveals

A new poll by Omnisis shows that most voters want key public services such as water, energy and rail to be nationalised.

More than two thirds (68%) said water services should be nationalised, with only 16% saying they should remain privately owned. 16% didn’t know. 

Pollsters asked the question after it emerged that water companies are reportedly pushing for bills in England to rise by up to 40% to pay for the cost of dealing with the sewage crisis and the climate emergency.

Meanwhile, 61% of UK voters said gas and electricity services should be nationalised, with 22% saying they should stay private and 17% didn’t know.

And 63% said the railways should be nationalised with 21% saying they should remain in the hands of private operators and 16% didn’t know.

Voters were happy, however, for communications to stay in private ownership. 48% said mobile phone networks should remain private, with 32% saying they should be nationalised and 21% didn’t know.

And 41% said broadband services should remain private compared to 38% saying they should be nationalised and 21% didn’t know.

Did Court of Appeal judges get it right on Rwanda? 

Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda suffered a blow after the court of appeal ruled by a majority of two to one that it was unlawful this week.

But voters were split on whether the ruling was right and moral, according to a new Omnisis poll. 

Pollsters found 33% of voters agreed that the judges made the correct decision compared to 32% who disagreed. 34% said they neither agreed or disagreed.

And 33% agreed that it was “moral” to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, while 34% disagreed and 33% said neither.

Finally, more than a third of voters said the Government should abandon its Rwanda plan with 36% agreeing it should be ditched, 30% disagreeing and 35% said neither.

Voter Intention Trackers

On the Omnisis weekly voter intention trackers, Labour ‘s lead over the Conservatives rose by two points to 22, while Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s net approval rating increased by three points to -12.


  • Lab 48% (+1) 
  • Con 26% (-1)
  • LD 8% (-1) 
  • SNP 4% (+1)
  • Ref 7% (+1) 
  • Green 5% (-1)


  • Approve: 29% (+2) 
  • Disapprove: 41% (-1) 
  • Neither: 30% (+1) 


  • Sir Keir Starmer: 37% (+1) 
  • Rishi Sunak: 29% (NC) 
  • Don’t Know: 34% (NC)


All respondents

  • Stay Out: 32% (+1) 
  • Re-join: 47% (-3)
  • Don't know or not voting: 22% (+2) 

Excluding don’t knows and will not votes

  • Stay Out: 41% (+3) 
  • Re-join: 59% (-3) 

This week’s poll which was conducted on 29th-30th June 2023, questioned 1,351 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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