More than half of voters would back Labour in general election, new poll reveals

Mike Underwood | 07 July 2023
More than half of voters would back Labour in general election, new poll reveals

Labour extended its lead over the Tories to 26 points as 51% of voters said they’d back the party in a general election, a new Omnisis poll has revealed.

The pollster’s weekly voter intention tracker showed a three-point increase for Labour this week, with the Conservatives dropping a point to sit on 25%.

It’s a double blow for the Tories after the poll also found Rishi Sunak’s net approval fell by six points to -18.

The voter intention tracker in full:

  • Lab 51% (+3) 
  • Con 25% (-1)
  • LD 8% (NC) 
  • SNP 3% (-1)
  • Ref 5% (-1) 
  • Green 5% (NC)

Voters react to the headlines

Meanwhile, Omnisis quizzed voters on a range of issues which hit the headlines this week. 

  • First up, voters disapproved of the Government’s plans to close almost all of the nation’s train ticket offices.

    Three out of four people (74%) said ticket offices should not close, compared to just 14% who approved of the decision. 12% said they didn’t know.

  • As Sir Keir Starmer launched the final strand of his ‘five missions’ campaign this week, we asked voters how clear they are on the Labour party’s policies.

    Just under two out of three people said they are either unclear (30%) or neither clear nor unclear (33%) about the party’s policies, with 36% saying they are clear on what Labour stands for.

  • After former cabinet minister Sajid Javid this week said MPs’ salaries should be doubled, we asked voters whether MPs should be paid a higher salary but be banned from a secondary income?

    Nearly half (48%) said MPs should not get more money compared to 30% who said they should. 23% said they didn’t know.

  • Meanwhile, Tory MP Chris Pincher was suspended from the Commons for eight weeks after an inquiry found he groped two men at a London club last year. We asked if an MP’s suspension, following an parliamentary standards inquiry, should trigger a by-election?

    32% said yes, always. 30% said yes but only if the suspension was over a certain number of days and 12% said no. 26% said they didn’t know.

  • And finally, After SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said giving Church of England bishops places in the House of Lords is wrong, we asked voters if they approved of bishops having the automatic right to sit in the House of Lords.

    More than half (58%) said they shouldn’t have the automatic right compared to just 16% who approved of the current rules. 26% said they didn’t know.

Voter Intention Trackers

Onto the Omnisis weekly voter intention trackers now:


Approve: 27% (-2) 

Disapprove: 45% (+4) 

Neither: 28% (-2) 


Sir Keir Starmer: 36% (-1) 

Rishi Sunak: 27% (-2) 

Don’t Know: 37% (+3)


All respondents

  • Stay Out: 32% (NC) 
  • Re-join: 49% (+2)
  • DK or not voting: 19% (-3) 

Excluding don’t knows and will not votes

  • Stay Out: 40% (-1) 
  • Re-join: 60% (+1) 

This week’s poll was conducted on 6th-7th July 2023, questioned 1,312 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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