New poll suggests Labour victory in high turnout local election 

Mike Underwood | 28 April 2023
New poll suggests Labour victory in high turnout local election 

Labour could win nearly a third of all votes amid a potentially high turnout at the local elections on 4th May, a new poll by Omnisis suggests.

The pollsters ran a local election voter intention poll in postcodes where elections are taking place which revealed 37% of people will vote Labour and 26% voting Conservative.

The Liberal Democrats came in third on 17% followed by the Green party (9%), independents (6%) and Reform (4%).

The pollsters also asked if people were planning to vote, with 70% saying ‘yes’ and 30% ‘no’. 

Interestingly, 22% of people said they didn’t even know local elections were taking place, with 78% saying they were aware.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “If the responses we gathered turn out to be true, the turnout for the local elections could be high. According to the Electoral Commission, the turnout at the 2022 local elections was 33.6% which was broadly consistent with previous comparable elections.

“But according to our polling, 70% of people asked said they intended to vote. We don’t expect it to reach those dizzying heights, but does it perhaps suggest that people have become less apathetic and want more involvement in the democratic process? Time will tell.” 

Should workers “accept” being poorer?

Omnisis also asked voters for their views after Huw Pill, a chief economist at the Bank of England, said British workers should “accept” that they will be poorer after a series of economic shocks.

  • 60% said people should not accept this, while 25% said workers should. 14% said they didn’t know.
  • Omnisis also asked if voters agreed or disagreed that workers should stop asking for pay rises, with 64% saying workers should keep asking and 22% saying workers should stop asking for pay rises. 14% said they didn’t know.
  • When asked which party people thought they’d be better off under, 45% said Labour, 26% said Conservative and 29% said they didn’t know.

Meanwhile, the Omnisis weekly voter intention trackers look like this:


In our latest voter intention tracker, Labour’s lead over the Conservatives dropped to 17 points:

  • Lab 45% (-2) 
  • Con 28% (+1) 
  • LD 10% (+3) 
  • SNP 4% (NC) 
  • Ref 6% (-1) 
  • Green 6% (NC)


Our Brexit sentiment tracker there was almost no movement:

All Respondents

  • Stay Out: 31% (NC) 
  • Re-join: 48% (-1) 

Excluding Don’t Knows and Will Not Vote

  • Stay Out: 39% (NC)
  • Re-join: 61% (NC) 

This week’s poll which was conducted on 27-28th April 2023, questioned 1,352 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

Tables will be posted here:

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