Sound as a Euro - one in four Brits would welcome Euro as part of EU re-join deal, new poll reveals

Mike Underwood | 25 November 2022
Sound as a Euro - one in four Brits would welcome Euro as part of EU re-join deal, new poll reveals

One in four Britons would be willing to adopt the Euro as currency if it were a requirement of re-joining the European Union, a new poll by Omnisis has revealed.

A total of 24% of all people polled said they would be willing to join the Eurozone as part of a return-to-the-EU deal, with 9% saying they would not want to re-join if adopting the Euro was a requirement. 13% said they would only want to re-join if the UK retained Sterling as its currency.

When we looked at people who would vote to re-join the EU, the picture changed dramatically, with 48% saying they would be happy to re-join if adopting the Euro was a requirement.

Our latest poll also revealed that more than half of the electorate (53%) think Brexit has been bad for Britain, with 17% saying they think it has been beneficial.

And if another EU referendum was held tomorrow, 57% would vote to re-join (down four points from last week) with 43% voting to stay out – a four-point increase.

The latest poll was conducted by Manchester-based market research agency Omnisis as part of its weekly voter intention tracker. The latest data also revealed:

  • Labour sustained its healthy 24-point lead in the race for Downing Street with 49% of the intended vote. The Conservatives gained four points and now sit on 25%
  • The SNP vote share fell by two points to just 3%, completing a disappointing week which also saw Scotland’s legal bid for a second independence referendum thrown out by the UK Supreme Court
  • A week out of the headlines seems to have helped Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as his approval rating jumped two points to 35%, with 32% saying they did not approve (a three-point increase)
  • And he jumped ahead of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as the nation’s preferred choice for Prime Minister with 37% saying he’s the right person to lead the nation – that’s a seven-point increase - ahead of Sir Keir on 29% (a six-point drop).

The latest Omnisis poll, conducted on 24th November 2022, questioned 1,172 people and is weighted to a nationally representative population.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “Brexit remains a very divisive and unpredictable beast. While it appears there is a groundswell of support for adopting the Euro as a condition of re-joining, there has also been a clear, if only slight, shift to people thinking we should stay out of the European Union.

“Meanwhile, it’s really interesting to see Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pick up popularity points by, quite frankly, staying out of the headlines!

“Although we’ve focused on Brexit this week, our poll still shows that the biggest concern for voters at 72% is the economy, closely followed by the NHS at 67%. Inflation fears also remain with 66% of voters citing it as a big concern.”

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