Turbulent week costs Tories in latest poll

Mike Underwood | 20 January 2023
Turbulent week costs Tories in latest poll

Bad press has hit the Conservatives hard as they and Rishi Sunak fell further behind Labour in the latest voter intention poll by Omnisis.

It’s been a turbulent week for the Government – with allegations of tax avoidance aimed at government minister Nadim Zahawi and the Prime Minister’s private jet and seatbelt controversy hammering the Tories in the polls.

According to our weekly voter intention tracker, the latest picture looks like this:


  • Labour (50%) now has a 26-point lead over the Conservatives (24%)
  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s approval rating dropped by four points to 26% - his disapproval rating surged six points to 41%
  • Sir Keir Starmer surged ahead as the public’s choice to be Prime Minister on 40% (+3%) as Rishi Sunak lost five points and now sits on 27%


  • 60% (+1%) of voters would like to see the UK re-join the European Union against 40% (-1%) who want the UK to stay out
  • 62% of people believe there should be an independent enquiry into the impact of Brexit on the economy, businesses and citizens – 22% said there should not be an inquiry


  • 48% said Nadim Zahawi received different treatment from the HMRC over his tax affairs compared to average taxpayers
  • 70% agreed that Mr Zahawi has more questions to answer over his tax affairs
  • 76% said all government ministers should publish their tax returns

The poll, conducted on 19th January 2023, questioned 1,268 people and is weighted to a national representative population. The tables will be published here: https://www.omnisis.co.uk/poll-results

Image credit: HM Treasury

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