Two thirds of Brits say Tories have “lost control” of immigration

Mike Underwood | 26 May 2023
Two thirds of Brits say Tories have “lost control” of immigration

Voters say the Government is failing to control and manage the UK’s borders since Brexit, a new Omnisis poll shows.

As latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) data revealed net migration to the UK had almost trebled since Brexit, 66% of voters agreed the Government had lost control of immigration. Only 19% disagreed and 15% said they didn’t know.

Pollsters also asked voters if they thought leaving the European Union would make it harder or easier for the Government to control immigration, with 38% believing it would be easier, 33% harder and 28% didn’t know.

However, the reality is a stark contrast. When asked if post-Brexit border controls had made the Government better able to control immigration, 67% said no with only 14% saying yes. 19% said they didn’t know.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “What our latest poll suggests to me is that what the public was told about how Brexit would strengthen the UK’s ability to manage its borders and immigration is very different to the reality.”

The Omnisis poll also asked voters if there should be more or less migration to the UK. Nearly half (49%) said there should be less, with 27% saying the same amount and only 10% believing there should be more migration. 13% didn’t know.


Meanwhile, as the French government this week announced bans on intercity flights where train travel existed as an alternative, Omnisis asked Brits if they would welcome similar measures in the UK.

More than two thirds (64%) said yes they would support it, with 21% saying no and 15% saying they didn’t know.

On the Omnisis weekly voter intention tracker, Labour’s lead fell to 19 points amid a three-point Tory surge in support:


For the second consecutive week, Labour has a record-breaking lead over the Conservatives:

  • Labour 47% (NC) 
  • Conservative 28% (+3) 
  • LibDem 10% (NC) 
  • SNP 3% (NC) 
  • Reform UK 5% (NC)
  • Green 5% (NC) 


Rishi Sunak’s net approval score is still in the red at -9

  • Approve: 31% (+2) 
  • Disapprove: 40% (-1) 
  • Neither: 29% (-1) 


  • Sir Keir Starmer: 35% (+1) 
  • Rishi Sunak: 31% (NC)
  • Don’t Know: 35% (+1)


All respondents 

  • Stay Out: 33% (-3) 
  • Re-join: 47% (-2)

Excluding don’t knows and will not votes

  • Stay Out: 41% (-4) 
  • Re-join: 59% (+4) 

This week’s poll which was conducted on 25th – 26th May 2023, questioned 1,361 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

Tables will be posted here:


Image credit: dannyman, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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