Client case study: How we went above and beyond to protect client confidentiality

By Hannah McCreesh | 18 February 2021
Client case study: How we went above and beyond to protect client confidentiality

Project Brief

We worked with one of the world’s largest theme parks to find out the response to eight potential concepts for future events from the perspective of both adults and children.

The client required parents with children aged between five and twelve across six different markets in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Once the screener questions were answered, the adults were asked to choose their top three concepts and explain the rationale behind their choice. Then the children in the family were asked to do the same.


The custom prototype was developed and finalised by the client within a week.

How was this project different?

This project was different as we developed an entirely new survey functionality to best suit the needs of our client.

As a global market leader in their industry, it was imperative that the survey respondents didn’t share any of the concepts that were shared with them externally.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to “police” this kind of behaviour - once participants enter a survey, you have very little control over what they do with the information that you share with them.

They could screenshot the survey, take a photo on their phone or right-click and save confidential data to their computer.

We see this kind of behaviour even when they sign a confidentiality waiver before they begin.

Therefore the team came up with a bespoke, custom functionality to reduce this kind of behaviour from panel participants - our new watermarking feature.

Our watermarking system cleverly watermarks all sensitive images with the panel participants ID.

If the participant tries to save the image, or share it online, it will have a code that’s unique to them on it, therefore making it easy to track who has shared the image publicly and who has broken the terms of the survey.

This means that panel participants should be less likely to misuse survey images and share them in the public domain knowing how easily they can be caught out.

We can also easily see who has been abusing the confidentiality waiver in our client reporting.

For a client such as this one, having their event concepts released into the public domain and potentially seen by their competitors could be catastrophic - especially for an industry that has been so heavily impacted by Covid-19.

Our own survey software, Warp, as well as the talents of our senior team, enabled us to create a brand new functionality that was entirely suited to the client’s needs.

One of the things that we believe sets us apart as an agency is our commitment to our clients - if they require something that we don’t already do, we will find a way to build it - and fast!

This project is another example of how we’ve successfully been able to do that, ending in brilliant results for our client.

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