Mapping out a route to survey success

By Mike Underwood | 26 June 2023
Mapping out a route to survey success

In-house tech gurus at Omnisis have developed a new interactive map feature to help brands harvest higher quality feedback from surveys.

The map tool was created after one of the agency’s biggest clients, working for a global entertainment company, challenged the team to conjure up a new way of gauging customer feeling on a proposed new European tourist attraction.

The team used a graphic of the attraction’s floorplan (see image below) and overlaid it with strategically-placed checkpoints which users click to reveal information panels providing more detail about specific areas of the venue.

Each checkpoint must be clicked and viewed before the user can proceed with the survey. That means users are better informed and able to provide richer feedback later in the survey about the customer journey and the attraction’s proposed highlights.

Chris Stacey, Head of Operations at Omnisis, said: “We love the new map tool, and so do our clients. It is another brilliant way for our clients to capture specific feedback which can be used to thoroughly develop marketing plans, store interiors and exteriors and even tourist attractions.

“Because we have a team of in-house software developers working on our survey platform Warp, we are able to quickly develop new ways of capturing feedback for our clients.

“The map tool is a fantastic example of being asked by a client to produce something new to give them a richer level of insight for a massive project.

“We can’t wait to offer this new feature to our other fantastic clients.”

Omnisis, a UK-based boutique market research agency, has added the map tool to its in-house survey software – Warp. 

As well as being used to highlight specific areas of maps, it can be adapted to focus on graphical proposals of shop interiors and exteriors, posters, literature, websites and marketing materials.

It is the latest evolution for Warp which earlier this year introduced translation and paragraph highlighting features.

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